Homeschooling 101: Module 1


Are you considering homeschooling for your family?

Getting started doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Take a deep breath and imagine having consistent support and encouragement from an experienced homeschool mom, so you can have peace of mind as you begin your homeschooling journey.

  • You CAN feel confident in your decision to homeschool and have an answer ready for every neighbor, sales clerk, and family member who questions you.
  • Find the freedom of waking up every morning ready to teach and learn right alongside your kids.
  • This course will equip you to create a unique, flexible homeschooling plan that works for your family, finding just the right balance between real-life learning and a traditional education system.

Homeschooling 101 is a 7-module online course that you can access on your own schedule.

Module 1: All About Curriculum will be available FREE for you to try!

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Module 1: Curriculum

4 Lessons

This free session will introduce you to 8 approaches to learning (traditional, Charlotte Mason, Waldorf, etc.) and the most popular curriculum options that go with each style.

Who is teaching this class?

Melissa Droegemueller is an elementary school teacher–turned–homeschooling mom with over nine years of teaching experience. She is passionate about good books, learning through play, and family adventures.

Learn more about Melissa here.

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