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October Learning Bundle

Whether you are looking for preschool at home activities or independent play ideas, the October Learning Bundle is what you need!


  • Experience learning through play together
  • Skip the Pinterest scroll 
  • Know that each lesson is designed by an experienced, trained early education expert
  • Mix, match, and customize your early learning experience

Families who purchase October Learning Bundle get:

  • TWO of our Family Activity Guides, for a total of 80 hands-on learning ideas for kids ages 2-6
  • TWO Sign & Sing live events in our Facebook group
  • PLUS, our sensational flexible family schedule training
  • Ongoing support + encouragement 

October Learning Bundle Specifics:

Every family who purchases the October Learning Bundle will get these 2 Family Activity Guides (with 40 activities each):

  • Pumpkins
    • Color: orange and green
    • Letter: Pp (for pumpkin, of course!)
    • Math: patterns
    • Concept: life cycle/sequencing
    • Vocabulary: pumpkin, seed, soil, root, stem, leaves,
      vines, blossom, pulp, smooth, bumpy, round, pie,
  • Farm
    • Math: counting by 1s, 2s, and 4s. estimating
    • STEM: technology on the farm
    • Concept: seasons, Venn diagram
    • Vocabulary: farmer, crops, harvest, machinery, plow, fertilizer (manure), livestock, cattle, drought

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* Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be given.

2 Modules

2 Family Activity Guides = 80 hands-on learning ideas!

Every family who purchases the October Learning Bundle will get these Family Activity Guides:

  • Pumpkin
  • Farm

We also invite you to join us in our private Facebook group for support, encouragement, and multiple live events throughout the month. If you're not on Facebook, check your email for the link to our monthly resources page.

Flexible Family Schedule Training + Templates

Video training + templates available now!

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