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Unexpectedly Homeschooling

We are in some uncertain times right now! No matter where you live in the world, the coronavirus is undoubtedly wreaking havoc on your family’s schedule and routines. Possibly, your child’s school has been closed or moved to online learning. If you find yourself unexpectedly homeschooling your children during this season, we are here to HELP.

I am a former classroom teacher who has been homeschooling my own two kids for the past eight years. My passion is helping busy parents make learning fun at home for all kids. 

This space is like the Room of Requirement (#HarryPotterReference) -- it's going to grow and change to meet our needs over the next few weeks. To start, we'll be talking about:

  • making a schedule that works for us
  • covering academics during the break
  • activity ideas for ALL ages

Please be sure to visit the Q & A section to ask your questions!

7 Modules

Make a plan!

You CAN do this!

Here’s a secret: You don’t have to be a trained classroom teacher to be an excellent homeschooling parent. This might seem overwhelming at first, but you CAN do it (and do it well).


Short-term or long-term?

If your kids are only going to be home for a few weeks, there’s no reason to go out and buy curriculum. If your kids are older, their teachers will probably share learning resources for your family or continue working through their lesson plans online. They may share book lists for your children or websites for you to visit.

But if your child’s school has not provided any required materials, this is a chance to take a deep breath and discover new ideas together as a family. (I often say that ALL families are homeschooling families.)

Talk about what you’d LIKE to learn about during this break. Write a list of questions or topics that interest each family member.

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